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Fun Fact: I had not watched any of the Harry Potter movies in full until my hubby made me binge them with him during thanksgiving break. I thought for sure I would hate them, but after the 3rd movie, we were hooked! Mason watched most of them with us, and we both fell in love! With SO many details and iconic moments from the movies, it was the perfect theme for Mason’s 6th birthday party! After 2020, I was missing throwing a party, even if 3 people could come. So we decided to go all out and make him feel special for this one! We invited over a few neighbor kiddos that are in our little quarantine bubble, that he goes to school with, and we got them all robes, ties, glasses, and wands so they could play.

I found most of my inspiration from pinterest, per usual! For the DIY photo backdrop of all of the signs, I just took screenshots off of google images and printed them out with my at home printer. Hanging the envelopes was pretty easy, we just got some clear thin wire from hobby lobby, and taped it to the fireplace, then attached the envelopes with tape. We also hung the taper candles from the ceiling with tape and used the same clear thin wire! So we did buy a few things of course, but a lot of our decor was things that he can actually play with. I was able to find some major steals scouting facebook market place + mercari!

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-Sorting Hat

-LED Taper Candles

-Mischief Managed Paper Plates, Cups, Napkins

-Hedwig Stuffed Owl

-Platform 9 3/4 Wall Hanging

-Marauder’s Map Wrapping Paper

-Gryffindor ties, Glasses + Wands

-Flying Cauldron Butter Beer

H. Potter Envelopes w/ Red Wax Seals | Etsy

The Daily Prophet Party Invite | Etsy

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