the pretty golden is here, folks!


You guys, after a year of dreaming and trying to find my creative outlet, and do something that is solely for me, the pretty golden is finally here. You could say today is it’s birthday, the confetti pics clearly make that official 😉

Many people have asked me what The Pretty Golden is before launch, and to be honest, I usually answer, I don’t really know yet. At first I felt silly answering that, feeling like I should have all of my ducks in a row and have it all together (classic women move right there) but I think the beauty of it is kind of letting it grow into whatever it ends up being. I’m excited for that unknown. For now, you can expect to find lots and lots of pretty inspo.

So although I don’t have a definitive answer for you, I can promise you that I will show up always as I am, and promise to keep it real. I have big dreams of having a tiny storefront of the pretty golden branded items, lots of styling + pretty inspiration, maybe an occasional blog post, + lots of women empowerment, focusing on women owned businesses and branding. I hope you will follow along with me 🙂

I also want to give a huge thanks to Morgan Northway for always supporting me in any dream I have, big or small, and encouraging me to have the confidence to create this. And to Mariah Danielson of Wander Design Co, for helping me find my why and getting intentional with my dream. Not to mention she is behind my super cute branding for TPG! So thankful for these two ladies who helped make this tiny desire of mine come to life!

Happy Bday The Pretty Golden! xoxo