schitt’s creek viewing party


If you are a huge Schitt’s Creek fan like me, i’m sure you are using phrases like “love that journey for me” and “thrice” way too often. I’ve been dying to do something schitt’s creek inspired, so we came up with this cute little Schitt’s Creek Viewing Party! Even Mase joined in on the fun 😉 How cute are his schitt’s creek pajamas?! Using David Rose’s iconic lightning bolt sweater as inspo, I was able to find the cutest stuff on etsy + amazon making it super easy to throw together a cute little party dressed in the show’s black + yellow colors! For whatever reason you’re celebrating, here are a few must haves to sprinkle in when throwing your Schitt’s Creek inspired party!

S C H I T T ‘ S C R E E K P A R T Y M U S T H A V E S :

+david rose’s iconic sweaters

+”raw” milk, bob’s bagels, and of course enchilada’s! 😉 maybe some herb ertlinger’s wine too!

+schitt’s creek balloons in black, yellow + white!

+custom schitt’s creek cookies with all of your favorite sayings like “love that journey for me”, “ew, david”, “fold in the cheese”, “eat glass”, “i’ve asked you thrice now for a towel” and more!

+lightning bolt cake!

Cookies | Sprinkled Confections by Amy