xo brunch inspiration


It’s safe to say I’m in love with Valentines Day! From the Beyoncé song to how I sign all of my emails, XO is kinda my thing. 🙂 I even have it tattooed on my wrist. Lately I have been cravvvvving creativity and I needed to do something fun and inspiring for my soul! I came across a few pictures on Pinterest of some valentines inspiration and immediately my mind starting running with ideas. I asked my gal pal Erin from Unique Events if she would want to collab with me, and the next day a mood board was formed! This was so fun to put together, and most importantly EASY!

Erin took care of items from Unique Events that she thought would look good, and we kept the color pallet pinks, reds, blacks + whites. I’m obsessed with how it turned out. With COVID and keeping it small I have been so grateful for my little bubble, and thought how cute would this be as a little galentines xo themed brunch! The celebrity crush cookies were the cutest way to top it all off and we couldn’t be more obsessed! So I encourage you, grab some floral, DIY your XO tablecloth, and make some cookies, and have yourselves a little galentines brunch this year, you deserve it!

Decor + Floral | Unique Events

Cookies | Sprinkled Confections